In many ways the magical field itself inspiried the KeyStones. There were many naturally forming eddies in the magical field that were so storng as to be physically represented as magical items. 

After the KeyStones were formed, these eddies became far rarer and usually only found near a KeyStone that drew in that type of magic. Firestone, for example, is now very rare outside the fire KeyStones.

It should be noted that while a user does not need to weild magic to use one of these elements, he can have far greater results. For example anyone can carve Windwood but a powerful wizard can do far more with the mateiral by direclty manipulating the magic inside of it. 

List of Natural ElementsEdit



Adamant- One of the most sought after, yet mundane elements is Adamant. Found near Earth KeyStones, it is an extremely dense, very hard black rock. Used widely in building, it is favored for large projects due to it's immense weight carrying properties. Very rarly, it is used for carving with such peices fetching outragoues pricing due to rarity and the labor invovled in working with the stone. 

Windwood- Harvested from trees effected by Wind magic, Windwood is a very strong, very light smoky-gray form of the orginal wood. Hard, with a fine grain, it is an easy and rewarding wood to work with, being used in ships, art, furniture and even weapons. 

Quick Powder- A certian type of plant, if grown with extensive mental magic, can yield this elusive powder. If taken internally, the powder can greatly increase mental acuity. While it does not impart new information, it can grealy increase memory, improve mental calucation and enhance quick thinking. While a much sought after item, frequent use often leads to a toxic build up in the user leading to insanity (some say the toxic build-up is not the cause of the madness but merely the constant mental highs and lows).

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