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Imperial Lumineix, home of knights, princes, merchants and magicians.


Offshoot of Lumineix, created in blood but now a pastoral monastatic heartland. 


Buecratic empire, ruling a vast area and many strange subjects. 

Council of ElbarkathEdit

Once Free Cities, the COuncil Cities now rest easily under the Elbarkath yoke. Trade and family reign here.


The forgien nomads of the East, poorly understood but greatly feared. Great slave traders and warriors. 


Theocracy of Fire to the South, carved out by a KeyStone. Slaves, gold and flames. 


Nation of warriors born out of anicet wars witht he Skavallra, now hired otu as mercenaries and bodyguards. Strong-willed and vicous.


A complex nation of hidden kingdoms, runaway slaves and vagabond bandits. All wrapped up in a self containted hierachy. 


Once proud home of a great trading people, greatest of the Free Cities. Now a ruin, infested with pirates who greatly over-value their power.


A strange land dominated by Mind, which has been applied to every aspect of life. Any man can enter, but none live unchanged or untouched. 

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